Azienda Agricola Fani
Farm in Val di Chiana from 1960
Azienda Agricola Fani
Azienda Agricola Toscana in Coversione Biologica
Azienda Agricola Fani
"Gruccione", our Syrah strong and decided as our passion
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Production and sale of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Who we are

My name is Cesare Fani and I manage the “Agricola Fani”. Our farm was founded in 1960 when Cesare Lecci, my grandfather, moved to Val di Chiana and in Badicorte bought the manor house, some land and the "Podere Il Querciolo" where today there is a beautiful Agriturismo. He immediately modernized and improved the company, built modern sheds for the breeding of pigs and cattle, whose heads soon became national award recipients. Our hills were cultivated with cereals and sunflowers following conventional farming methods. Subsequently Luciano and Annagiulia maintained and looked after the company, purchasing land or, when possible, merging existing plots to optimize the working. Today the “Agricola” covers about 60 hectares of land (of which 4.5 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive groves) as well as 40 hectares of woods.
We are in the third generation, young but increasingly passionate and determined to carry out the ambitious project of making our farm a "uniqueness" capable of offering high quality products. Since February 2020, we have therefore abandoned conventional agriculture by choosing to manage our land with organic practices. We will be under conversion until June 2022, controlled by an external certification body. In the next 10 years we will work hard to have an organic production of table cereals, legumes, wine and oil to offer directly to customers who come to visit us. The vineyards and olive groves will also be managed with biodynamic practices to strengthen the plants and rebalance the land. On our vineyards we have replanted Syrah, convinced that we can create a strong and decisive wine like our passion but delicate to the point of reflecting the scents of our countryside. We will work the land preferring long rotation with legumes and alfalfa with the sole goal of leaving our children a better countryside than we found it

Our Products
Our farm produces olive oil, wine, "farro", wheat

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